Live Intentionally

If you have a loved one experiencing cognitive issues, it’s encouraging to know there’s a place like Summer Breeze Senior Living. We believe every Memory Care resident has a story to tell, a story to cherish, and a story yet to be written. Our Memory Care neighborhood is specially designed to celebrate each resident’s individual story – ensuring that every moment is another opportunity for them to live their best life possible.

Expertly Designed

Designed by a 2x award-winning dementia expert and leading technology partner customized by each community to celebrate and enhance the life of our residents living with dementia.

Tech Empowered

State-of-the-art engagement system to streamline and provide consistent communication to keep our residents and their loved ones connected and informed while providing peace of mind.

Person Driven

We know our residents and we celebrate their strengths by developing authentic relationships based on knowing, loving and caring for them and their loved ones through purposeful pursuits.

Peace of Mind Powered by State-of-the-Art Engagement Technology

We invest in a comprehensive technology tool that fosters communication, enhances the resident experience, maintains connectivity and enriches well-being.

Utilizing resident preferences, histories and habits, our calendars are expertly designed to meet the needs of those requiring memory care. Supported by advanced technology, coupled with human experience, Sagely’s® smart technology personalizes and optimizes monthly program calendars to deliver a curated lifestyle your loved one deserves.

Experience the Power of a Connected Community


See upcoming events, menus, photos and more during your visits via our beautiful digital displays. View calendars, RSVP to our events and receive updates from the community via the messaging app. This aspect of the tool lets us measure resident participation and keep our families involved.


We can take activity attendance with the tap of a finger, generate reports around residents’ well-being, and identify needs and trends.


Connecting with the community via the family app. You’re kept informed about your loved one, can share in their activities, and can see their photos and their schedules in real time. This helps us to develop stronger connections and richer experiences for your loved one.


Specialized services
and amenities

24/7 Expert Care Available

Nutrition and Medication Management

Assistance, including extra social time, to help each
resident experience as much joy as possible every
single day

Emotional support using proven techniques
individualized for each resident

Family-centered consultation and involvement to
help achieve consistently better outcomes


A feast for the
body and soul

If food is the foundation of healthy living, mealtime may just be the foundation of a healthy community. After all, breaking bread with friends and family has been a principal way of building relationships, stirring the heart, and sharpening the mind throughout history.

At Summer Breeze Senior Living, we take the joy of mealtime seriously. Our dining services feature restaurant-quality, chef-prepared meals. You’ll always find something that reminds you of the best home cooking you’ve ever had, as well as options that may open new culinary doors. Of course, whatever you prefer, every meal will be delicious, nutritious, and tailored to align with doctor-recommended dietary guidelines.


Experience the joy of staying active while receiving expert care
from our friendly professionals at Summer Breeze Senior Living.

Live Intentionally

Our staff believe that what they do is so much more than a job, it’s an opportunity – a passion – to serve others. We value and sustain memory care neighborhoods characterized by excellence. As fearless advocates for persons living with dementia, our team preserves dignity, shows love and provides opportunities for purposeful pursuits. Alzheimer’s and dementia are no reason to stop enjoying life. Our caregivers embrace the individuality of every resident and find great pleasure in getting to know the residents and families they serve.

We believe everyone deserves a great life!


We care deeply about whole person care. That is why we focus on growing our knowledge of dementia, how to support those living with it, and how to nurture all aspects of well-being. Our staff are expertly trained and empowered to provide the care people need, when and how they need it.


We curate a lifestyle of purpose. Creating a cadence that inspires residents to live out their potential, we thoughtfully design each day with residents’ hobbies, interests, histories and unique abilities in mind. Inspiring residents to live intentionally isn’t just a philosophy, it’s what we do.


We foster authentic connection by providing opportunities to get to know each other and share meaningful experiences for everyone who works, lives and visits our communities. It is the intentional touches like those of our “Feels like Home” and “Hands to Help” programs that go deeper in connecting people at the heart level. It’s a difference you can feel.